Welcome to the Discover Ferrol help page. This page contains information about how to use this web page and the mobile app in order to take full advantage of the possibilities available here and to enable you to plan your tour.


A. Web page help


B. Mobile app help




Menú principal

1. The web site is divided into 6 main sections:

1.1. Home: This section contains a video presenting the tours offered on this web site, news, links to the AppStore (iOS) and Google Play (Android) online applications stores and an introductory text.

1.2. Castles and Viewpoints: This tour covers the city's main castles and viewpoints and other places of interest.

1.3. Beaches: A tour of the main natural beaches in Ferrol.

1.4. Enlightenment: This tour offers the possibility to visit various buildings throughout the city which were built during the Enlightenment period.

1.5. Modern Style: This tour covers a large section of the old town, visiting buildings from the art nouveau period.

1.6. Language selection: You can see and listen to the web site contents in any of the following languages by clicking on the corresponding flag: Spanish, Galician, French, German and English.


2. Format of a tour and/or a place of interest. All tours and places of interest have the same visual format:

vista principal

2.1. Presentation video of the tour or place of interest with the following controls:

A) Play/Pause:Play / Pausa allows you to start or stop playback of the video.

B) Full screen / minimise:Maximizar/Minimizar : This allows you to see the content in the space allocated on the web page or enlarge it to fill the screen.

When the video is showing in full screen mode, the following controls are available:

B.1) Playback quality:Calidad Grey indicates that video playback is in standard quality (SD, lower viewing quality but smaller download file) and blue indicates high definition (HD, better viewing quality (720p) but larger download file size).

B.2) Watch later:Ver más tarde If you have a Vimeo account (www.vimeo.com), you can add this video to your playlist to watch later.

B.3) Share / Watch on Vimeo button:Compartir This allows you to share the video on social networks (Facebook Compartir en Facebook, Twitter Compartir en Twitter), send a link to the video by email Enviar enlace por correo electrónico, obtain HTML source code to embed it on another web page Embeber código, or access the video on Vimeo Enlace a Vimeo. This last option allows you, among other things, to download the video at different levels of quality by clicking on the "Download" option:

- Mobile (low definition / lower quality viewing / smaller download file)

- HD (high definition / high quality viewing / larger download file)

- SD (standard definition / standard quality viewing / medium size download file)

- Original (high definition / optimum viewing quality / large download file / *only available for some videos).

2.2. Photo gallery of the tour or place of interest: This allows you to see a selection of images of the tour or place of interest with additional exclusive contents. Click on an image to see a full screen version.

2.3. Rate a place of interest: (*Only available for places of interest). This allows you to rate the place in question from one (lowest) to five (highest) stars. Simply click on the number of stars you wish to award the place in question and the system will record your rating. You can change your rating whenever you wish by entering a new rating. The system will replace your previous rating with the new one.

2.4. Share page on social networks: This allows you to share the page you are viewing (tour or place of interest) on the Google+, Twitter and / or Facebook social networks.

2.5. Location map: An interactive map which allows you to navigate, find the location of places of interest and access them by clicking on the pin icon and the pop-up link. You can also position yourself or navigate interactively on the map using Google Street View by dragging the pegman on the left of the screen to the street where you would like to position yourself (which will turn blue).

2.6. Places of interest on the tour: A list of places of interest related to the tour you are viewing enabling you to look at them in any order. The starting point is indicated by a flag on a green background. If you are viewing the fact sheet of a monument, this monument will be denoted by a green icon on the map.

2.7. Written guide: Here a historical and contextual explanation of the tour or place of interest is offered. At the top of the page, the guide's subject heading also shows all the places of interest related to that tour.

2.8. Audio guide: The audio guide allows audio playback of the guide texts via audio files. The audio guide consists of the following controls:

1) Play/Pause button: This allows you to start or pause playback of the audio file.

2) Stop button: This allows you to stop playback of the audio file.

3) Volume control: This allows you to silence / reduce / increase playback volume.

4) Repeat button: This allows you to automatically repeat playback once current playback finishes.


3. Compatibility with devices and web browsers. The current web page is compatible with most latest generation web browsers and devices.

3.1. PC Web browsers: Compatible with the latest versions of the most common browsers (IE 10+, Firefox 25+, Chrome 30.x+, Safari 5.1.x+).

3.2. Mobile and tablet devices: Compatible with most devices using Android 4.0+, iOS 6+ and Windows Phone 8+. On mobile devices, a horizontal resolution of 480px or above, or a similar vertical resolution with the device oriented horizontally, is necessary.

3.3. Known problems and incompatibilities:

- Due to several advanced features on the web page, support is not offered for old browsers (previous to those indicated) or those native to Windows XP or earlier.

- The embedded video player (VIMEO) may be affected or substituted by the browser's standard player, in which case some of the options given in point 1.2.1. may not be available.

- Not all devices can play videos in high definition (HD) smoothly, or they may not be able to play them at all. High definition multimedia content requires Intel Core 2 processors (or equivalent) or higher.

3.4. Mobile applications: Applications for mobile devices with Android 4+ and iOS 6+ operating systems are available in the corresponding official stores (AppStore and Google Play), with contents adapted to the resolutions and displays of these devices. We strongly recommend you install these applications if you are going to view these contents on this type of device.




The Discover Ferrol application is installed in the standard way. This guide explains how to install the application from the Android or Apple app stores and the minimum requirements that your device must meet, as well as offering a series of recommendations intended to improve user experience.

1. Minimum requirements:

1.1. iOS 6.0 operating system or higher for Apple devices.

1.2. Android 4.0 operating system or higher for Android devices.

1.3. Neither availability nor correct functioning of the application can be guaranteed for devices running earlier versions of the operating systems stated above.

1.4. 300MB of free memory space on the device.

1.5. Data connection activated or Wifi connection. A Wifi connection is strongly recommended the first time you open the application, as approximately 200MB of updates of the latest available information (images, texts and audio) will be downloaded from the web site.


2. Please note:

2.1. All the application's data will be synchronised with the contents of the web site to ensure that the user has the latest contents available. When your device synchronises, it is recommended that you use a Wifi connection due to the high data consumption that this process involves.

2.2. In order not to occupy more memory space than necessary on your device, and to ensure an optimum user experience, all data except for the videos are stored on the device. Due to the large number of videos that the web site contains, these videos will download automatically each time you access them. A data connection is therefore required to view these videos, each of which is between 2 and 3MB in size.


3. Installing Discover Ferrol on iOS:

3.1. Access the Appstore AppStore from your device.

3.2. Select the Search option and type Discover Ferrol. Press Search and select the application called Discover Ferrol.

3.3. Install the application in the usual way: press install and input your Apple ID.


4. Installing Discover Ferrol on Android:

4.1. Access the Google Play Store Google Play Store from your device.

4.2. Type Discover Ferrol in the search field and press search. Select the application called Discover Ferrol.

4.3. Press install and follow the instructions that appear on your screen.


5. Opening the application for the first time

Open Discover Ferrol using the corresponding icon DescubreFerrol

The first time you open the application, it will automatically synchronise its contents with the www.descubreferrol.es website to ensure that the contents are up to date. During this process, approximately 200MB will be downloaded, so it is recommended that you connect to a Wifi network before you open the application to avoid excessive consumption of your data quota.

Carga inicial de la aplicación

Once downloading has finished, the application's home page opens.

Pantalla bienvenida

The main resources of this application can all be accessed from this home page:

• Application settings. Here you can synchronise the information on your device (images, texts and audio) with the information on the website to ensure you have the latest information available. We recommend that you use a Wifi connection for this task.

• Play introductory video. This allows you to watch the introductory video which contains images from the four main tours on the application.

• Direct access to tour. From here you have direct access to each of the four tours contained in the application: The Beaches tour, Castles and Viewpoints tour, Enlightenment tour and Art Nouveau tour.

6. The 4 Tours

When you open each of the four tours, the application allows you to access a series of resources as shown in the following screen shot.

Carga inicial de la aplicación

From this screen you can see a gallery of images from the tour or place of interest and an explanatory text. You also have the following options:

• Go back. This enables you to go backwards in the navigation history, i.e. to return to the screen that you have seen immediately before the current one.

• Play audio guide. This plays an explanatory audio recording about the tour or place of interest.

• See map. This enables you to see a map with the location of all the places of interest on the tour, or the location of the current place of interest you are viewing. It also gives the user's location as a green and black point for reference (only available within the Ferrol area).

• Watch video about place or tour. You are shown a video containing details about the tour or place of interest. Please note: due to the large number of videos offered by this application (approximately 90), videos are not stored on the user's device. Instead they are offered as online resources. Consequently, each time you watch one, please bear in mind that you need an active data connection and that each video is approximately 2-3MB in size. You cannot watch these videos without a data connection.

• Access a place of interest on a tour. This enables you to go straight to the place of interest you have selected with specific audiovisual contents.


7. Notes

7.1. There is a voting system based on stars (from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)) so users can rate each place of interest.

7.2. This application can also be downloaded onto your device by accessing the web address which corresponds to its operating system:

7.2.1 Discover Ferrol for Apple devices

7.2.2 Discover Ferrol for Android devices