Monte Ventoso

Our route continues as we leave cape Prioriño behind and we head towards another spectacular viewpoint: Monte Ventoso.

To get here, we must cross the hamlet of O Pieiro (a group of restored typical Galician rural houses). Along the way, we will come across numerous remains of military batteries from the 30s in the 20th century. Remember that the Ártabro gulf used to be the most protected area in Europe! To reach to the viewpoint, we must leave our car parked on the road and ascend around 700 metres. This viewpoint, at 245 metres above sea level and located in rural surroundings, is a place of great natural beauty, where the grandeur of the ocean between cape Prioriño and cape Prior can be observed.

From this natural balcony we can contemplate the lagoon and beach at Doniños in all its glory and a magnificent view of the mouth of the estuary. An abandoned weather station can be found here, as well as anti-aircraft positions, camouflaged observation bunkers and a network of tunnels connecting these different points.