Cape Prior

Back on our coastal route we head towards CAPE PRIOR by going down towards Doniños through the hamlet of Fontá and then taking the CP-3607 road. Along the way we will pass several of Ferrol´s wonderful beaches. On reaching the crossroads with the C-3603 road, we turn left to arrive at Cape Prior. The Covas parish harbours a beautiful place created by nature itself: Cape Prior. It consists of a spit of land of just over a kilometre and a half in width which protrudes into the sea. The altitude of this neck of land rises progressively until it reaches 171 metres above sea level at the end of the cape (from where it descends sharply into the sea). It is here that we find a lighthouse which has been active since 1853. It is at a height of over 100 metres above sea level and has a large hexagonal tower. In this same location until recently there was a military detachment. Construction began in 1928 and it formed part of the defensive network of the estuary set up in the twentieth century. Nowadays it is not in use. It is worth noting the splendid scenery that can be observed from this point as this is one of the best panoramic views in the Ferrol area. Santa Comba, Ponzos, Covas and Esmelle beaches can all be seen from here.