The Cortina Battery

We leave the inner harbour at Curuxeiras and began our tour at The Cortina Battery.

This artillery battery is the sea-facing defence of the arsenal on its west side towards the mouth of the estuary. It was built as the culmination of the main breakwater with all the elements of the so-called “perfect body”. This meant the construction of buttresses and a chemin-de ronde which was protected by battlements whose construction followed standard design regarding shape and dimensions for the positioning of the cannons. What is more, a powder keg has been conserved in the area, which served as a right flank covering the actual curtain wall. This battery does a 90º turn in its southern part (Hammer Point) to close off and defend the arsenal entrance. It has a length of 740 metres. The perfection of its geometry, the craftsmanship in the cutting of the granite blocks and the design of the look-out posts make it an exceptional work and representative of the technology of the 18th century. It is essential to the understanding of the defensive ensemble.

It was built by Francisco Llobet between 1755 and 1759.

Almost 100 cannons are aimed at the mouth of the estuary. It is a powerful defensive element which, fortunately, has never had to be used as no enemy has ever been able to reach further than the area between the two castles that defend the mouth of the estuary.