The Esteiro Neighbourhood

We continue along Carlos III street to The Esteiro Neighbourhood.

The Esteiro neighbourhood was build to meet the need to accommodate the numerous workers that arrived to the town attracted by the large volume of work generated by the creation of the new royal arsenal. Circumstances necessitated the hurried construction of this neighbourhood, but with careful town planning which was typical of the Enlightenment period. The original layout consisted of six parallel streets which were intersected by crossroads.

Just a few streets of this old neighbourhood remain today and San Carlos street is the best preserved. At the top of the street we find a monument to the illustrious citizen of Ferrol, Concepción Arenal. She was an eminent expert in criminal law and one of the first women to gain a university education although to this end she was forced to go to the law faculty disguised as a man. On the other side of the avenue, behind Angustias church, some narrow paths outlined by magnolias commemorate the primitive streets of the Esteiro neighbourhood.