Fundación NovaCaixaGalicia

In Plaza de la Constitución (where the bandstand is located) we arrive at FUNDACIÓN NOVA CAIXA GALICIA BUILDING.

Designed by Brother Plácido Caamiña, construction was overseen by the navy engineer José López Llanos between 1794 and 1801 when work was completed. What was to become the first public prison in Galicia was initially of much more modest dimensions and had a capacity to hold up to a hundred prisoners. It carried out this function from 1802 until 1926. During subsequent years it was put to various uses: it was a courtroom; in 1927 it was inaugurated as the first secondary school with the name Concepción Arenal; in 1945 it was destined as a military headquarters; and since 1999 it has been the property of a bank that has restored it as a multi-use building with various exhibition rooms, a conference hall and projection room. Art and music have occupied the former place of the prisoners.