Concepción Arenal Arts Centre

We continue along Iglesia street until we reach Méndez Núñez street. Go up this street until we get to the corner of Magdalena street and at numbers 202-204 we find CONCEPCIÓN ARENAL ARTS CENTRE.

Built in 1762, it was originally a private residence belonging to the Carvajal family.

The last of the owners died without heirs and left his entire estate to the Ferrol council, specifying in his will that this building should be dedicated to public uses for the benefit of the local population. It has typical projected balconies and an attractive rococo pattern of iron railings, marking the clear difference between the recesses and white stretches of wall which was a characteristic of the 18th century when stonework was never left on view. It is a symmetrical harmonious building, and one of the very few examples of civil architecture from the 18th century that remain.

If you venture inside you can see, on the upper floor and under the roof, the magnificent original oak beams, each one measuring 9 metres in length. It has recently undergone extensive renovation work which has enabled it to house several cultural associations in its interior.