San Roque Fountain

This is the oldest public sculpture in Ferrol. On a circular façade there are two figures holding in their hands the coat of arms of Ferrol and a lion´s hide. This lion´s hide is a symbol of the God Hercules, who became the patron of the king and queen of Spain in the 18th century. An inscription alluding to King Carlos III is engraved onto this hide. The coat of arms was carved by the engraver Carlos do Porto and the sculptures were done by Juan Andrés Pardiñas.

It was previously located in San Roque field, and it was in 1784 that the local council decided to restore the old fountain and give it a more attractive look. It may have been designed by Dionisio Sánchez de Aguilera. Nowadays it is located between San Francisco church and Reina Sofía park.