Old Charity Hospital

We cannot end our visit to Ferrol of the Enlightenment without pointing out other buildings of special interest which have not been included in our tour:

In Concepción Arenal street:

The old Charity Hospital (Torrente Ballester Arts Centre)

Designed by Dionisio Sánchez de Aguilera (who also founded the Charity Hospital institution), construction began on 29 June 1783 thanks to donations made by disinterested citizens, both senior officials and humble neighbours. The aim was to meet the new health care needs of the town. The building has a square floor plan with two floors and a central courtyard. In 1792, expansion work was begun which resulted in the addition of the chapel dedicated to the “Virgen del Buen Viaje” (Virgin of Safe Travels). Nowadays it houses an arts centre which the town of Ferrol dedicated to its most distinguished writer: Gonzalo Torrente Ballester. It operates as a modern arts centre offering exhibitions and other types of cultural activities. In the chapel, concerts, conferences and even civil weddings are held.