Jofre building

Here we can turn right towards the military headquarters (Capitanía) and before we reach Antón´s house we find one of the most beautiful buildings in Ferrol, which has been recently restored:

JOFRE BUILDING (numbers 3-5-7 San Diego, corner of Real street)

This was built during the second half of the 19th century. It is the work of the architect Manuel Riva y de Soto from Valladolid, who occupied the post of project manager for city works in Ferrol between 1874 and 1900 when he retired. This building represents one of the richest and most beautiful examples of bourgeois and pre-Art Nouveau architecture of the 19th century. Its masonry is an outstanding feature, due to the shape of its recesses and its pilasters which precisely and harmoniously divide the floors. The curved corner takes us from the wealth of Real street to the sobriety of San Diego street. A railing wraps around the building, closing off its terrace which is overlooked by a lantern providing light to the interior.