Antón house

Following Real street, passing the military headquarters (Palacio de Capitanía), we find:

ANTÓN HOUSE (18 Pintor Imeldo Corral)

This was an important project for Rodlfo Ucha and was built between 1918 and 1919 for the mayor of Ferrol, Emilio Antón Ibeleón.

This is a peculiar and original building which was designed as a family house. It was laid out in three floors: a ground floor which was used during the day and two more above which were for use at night. The façade has original design features such as the hexagonal corner bay windows, the attic rooms and the pergola in the entrance, which with their Art Nouveau style, help to give form to this originality. Spanish-American details can also be seen such as the garden with staircase. Today it is the Jesús Maestro school (Disciples of Jesus).