The Fish Market

We go down Arce street to the market to visit:

THE FISH MARKET (Iglesia street). Magdalena Market.

This is the work of Rodolfo Ucha and resulted in a long building process: from 1910 until 1923. It is a rectangular hall with a zinc roof and metal framework, and is of a height which allows ventilation. The central skylight, which lit up the interior, is no longer there. Note the convenient access and the central location of a fountain for hygiene purposes. It has an elaborate Art Nouveau style façade. Voluminous Viennese-influenced pilasters protrude marking the perimeter and containing the wide arch. The design is completed with a simple ornamental comb motif which indicates the entrances.

In addition to its architecture, this building is remarkable for its lively, bustling and chaotic atmosphere. Inside there are numerous stalls selling top quality Galician fish and seafood.