The Former Bank of Coruña

We go down Méndez Núñez street until Real street and we find ourselves at:

THE FORMER BANK OF CORUÑA (193 Real / Méndez Nuñez)

This is an Art Nouveau building located in the artistic and historical neighbourhood A Magdalena. It was once the head office of the Bank of La Coruña. Various dimensions, styles and periods can be distinguished. There is a ground floor, two upper floors and a roof with attic. The walls are designed with horizontal supports.

The building has a sloping façade with a stone balcony over thick brackets and columns that reach the cornice with a wrought iron balustrade. On one of the walls there is a coat of arms of A Coruña.

Due to the function for which it was designed, it is a large and robust building. Entry is gained through its narrowest section which is decorated like a triumphal arch.