Casino Ferrolano

This was commissioned by the “Sociedad Casino Ferrolano” and built in 1925 by Rodolfo Ucha. It was designed to satisfy the leisure demands of the influential sectors of the city of the time. It displays a very rich ornamental design which includes both Art Nouveau and Neo-Eclectic elements.

The exterior is remarkable for its asymmetry and grandeur. Inside, the stand-out feature is the conversation room which was decorated with an explosion of colour and a profusion of plant motifs by the well-known local painter Felipe Bello Piñeiro. This room is known in the city as the “fish bowl” because from the inside one can see people outside and at the same time be seen inside. As an aside, it must be mentioned that until the 80s in the twentieth century, women were not allowed to enter this room. This building also has a rear façade located in Dolores street.