Park Door

We follow the same road until we reach PARK DOOR.

This door forms part of the walled enclosure and opens onto the defensive moat opposite Ferrol´s old town near the dock at Curuxeiras. The door that we see today is the result of renovation work carried out during the reign of Isabel II. Using the structure of the interior guardhouse (designed by Jorge Juan and Francisco Llobet in the 18th century), this composition was based on a large segmental arch door bordered laterally with dressed stone pilasters and decorated with other smaller pilasters built into the wall. The upper section of the door displays a large stone coat of arms between two vases topped with artillery bombs. This is the coat of arms of Felipe V, and was previously located at the old arsenal in La Graña. Note the magnificent high relief sculpture with two rampant lions and the protruding royal crown. On passing through the door, we discover on either side a porch for a guardhouse made of granite masonry. On the left, the office and residence of the Adjutant (Captain of the garrison and port). This building was erected in the same period as the porch and has interesting glazed galleries and balconies with iron work in the shape of a bilge, a style which was very much in favour during the reign of Isabel. Nowadays, the park door is the starting point for the shipbuilding guided tours.